Devon Karpak, OVUHS Tech  Ed Teacher and Josh Hardt, OVUHS Moosalamoo Teacher

OVUHS teachers Devon Karpak and Josh Hardt are highlighted as Visionary Teachers in the Brandon Reporter for their passion and dedication to developing new pathways for students.  Devon Karpak has been revitalizing the  OVUHS Tech  Ed program, including woodworking, electrical, welding and engines to help students explore their interests  and provide options to explore and plan for their futures.  Josh Hardt makes education come alive outside of the classroom walls  and into the woods behind OV.  The Moosalamoo program provides students opportunities to apply what they learn and discover themselves in the process. 

These individuals are just two of the many teachers and staff we are fortunate to have throughout RNESU  that are dedicated  to helping our students succeed both in the classroom and beyond.