Lothrop School

Good evening Lothrop Families!

Summer is winding down and school will be here in just 3 days. I have a few things to pass along as an update to my summer letter.

Transportation Links

Abbey Group Breakfast and Lunch Menus-A reminder that breakfast and lunch continue to be free to all.

Pittsford Recreation Information

Please review the drop-off procedures in my summer letter. Learners can arrive anytime after 7:35 AM. They should not be allowed to get out of the car until a staff member is down below. (Purely safety reasons) They will not need a mask until they go into the school building. Children riding the bus in the morning will need to wear a mask, per transportation laws, but can take it off for recess as soon as they are off the bus. Please do remember to send extra masks to school each day. If your child is a walker, please encourage them to cross Route 7 at the crosswalk in front of the school where Mr. Joe is able to help. Often, students cross on other parts of Route 7 where we are not there to help them.

We are very close to having all of our sink fixtures changed out as are many schools across the State. Please continue to send your child with a full water bottle. That has been extremely helpful and a practice that we will continue.

We look forward to seeing our learners on September 1st. Pre-K and Kinder have a different start schedule as outlined in my summer letter. Please check it out and send me any questions that you have.

We have a brand new gym floor, new swings, lots of wood chips on the playground; and our walking path is ready to provide miles of fun. Can't wait to see our learners on Wednesday!