Lake Champlain

What’s On The Bottom Of Lake Champlain?

In observation of Lake Champlain’s Quadracentennial, third and fourth grade EAGLES researched a few of the 300 shipwrecks which lie on the bottom of Lake Champlain. In the process we learned about Vermont’s commercial development and water travel.

Below you will find presentations done by students as a result of researching various shipwrecks found in Lake Champlain.

"Water Witch" by Courtney and Hannah

"Phoenix" by Jordan and Margo

"Stone Boat" by Joshua and Elijah

"Philadelphia" by Ethan and Niko

"Philadelphia" by Michael and Maxwell

"Burlington Bay Horse Ferry" by Ghislaine

"General Butler" by Jeremiah

"General Butler" by Alyssa and Olivia

"Champlian II" by Jarrod and Cameron

"Burlington Bay Horse Ferry" by Gabriela

"Champlian II" by Brigit