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Immunizations are required for enrollment in all Vermont schools in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. For a list of the immunizations required before your child enters school, please check here: 2019-2020 Immunization Requirements


  • New VT Legislation requires Religious exemptions for immunizations to be signed EACH YEAR.
  • VT State Vaccine Information Statements must be read by parents seeking exemption.

Please make arrangements to see the nurse if your child is exempt from immunizations.


The Vermont Legislature passed a requirement in 2012 that all schools must make immunization rates for the student body available to the public. Please check the link below for additional information:


  1. Illness Attendance
  2. Protecting Your Child and Family from Influenza
  3. Head Lice Information
  4. RNESU Head Lice Protocol
  5. Bright Futures - Annual Wellness Exam
  6. Healthy Classroom Celebrations
  7. USDA Compliant Recipes

Health Forms

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